The Best Collection a Christian can have!

Keep Up Now is the first app to leverage technology in order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional prayer cards and prayer letters. It lets you save the missionary that you want to pray for and Keep UP with their ministry as they share short updates, prayer requests, pictures and more. 

Download the app to your mobile device of choice and experience Keep UP Now everywhere you go!

What if I can't find my missionaries?

If you don't see your missionary in the list after searching by name, sending church, mission board, or mission field; then it's likely that they aren't using Keep Up Now. Reach out to them and encourage them to download the app and sign up to start growing their prayer cover!

The best way to help us

The best thing that everyone can do to help is spread the word about Keep Up Now! The more people who download the more people who will be able to pray more effectively for our missionaries. Be sure to check consistently for updates from your missionaries and to pray for them every day. We've sent them on our behalf and they need our prayers! 

Technology comes at a price, so visit Donate page if you can help the keep UP Now! app continue to improve.